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Every picture tells a story. This is a basic fact we all accept. Welcome to this online community, content hub and gateway site with resources, connections and links covering 3D digital art focused on male digital art characters.

 3D digital artists who create human male characters.

This Community for 3D Digital Artwork
Offers Many Benefits for You:

  • Show your artistic and storytelling creations
  • Grow the audience for your art and digital storytelling
  • Gain inspiration and ideas
  • Save time learning lessons from others
  • Make lasting connections with others in digital storytelling like you


Males Only: The 3Dmales.com website excludes coverage of creating digital female characters. This deliberate choice was made due to one simple fact: There already are many sources online covering that subject. In contrast, there are a limited number of credible sources online covering the creation of digital male characters.

Digital Storytelling Software

Digital storytellers have for many years been using computerized software to create illustrations of fictional human characters. One pioneering app is DAZ 3D Studio. The three letters originally were an abbreviation for Digital Art Zone. The beginnings of digital human character creation date back to 1995.

Today there are several options for software which 3D digital artists can choose to use on a variety of computerized devices when they create human characters for digital storytelling. You can also choose to use digital assets which give artists greatly expanded flexibility in digital storytelling.

Mentoring for Digital Artists

If you are interested in mentoring from an older and experienced digital artist who has years of hard-learned life lessons he’s willing to share to benefit your artistic efforts, check out “How I Make a Man” now.

Desouza male characters

* * Inspirations for you from the 3D digital art of Desouza of Vegas * *


Required Skills and Talents for Creating Digital Characters

Merely acquiring a device and software will not necessarily enable you to produce visual works of art. Getting a basketball won’t make you an athlete who is ready for the NBA. Getting a word processing app won’t make you a best-selling writer. The same holds true about using devices and apps for producing art or illustrations depicting 3D male characters.

You must be born with certain specific talents relative to all others so you may be considered credible in this work which requires sharp coordination between your brain, your eyes, and your hands. That is simply one of the rules of real life that cannot be altered merely by wishing something else were true.

Simple Rules:

You must prove your mastery of three elements in the creation of digital human characters:
  • Aesthetic: create visually appealing shapes, colors, lighting, staging and cinematographic composition in a scene produced within an app
  • Narrative: conceive of fictional characters who demonstrate behaviors and experiences that will be credible to audiences
  • Technical: translate what’s in your mind through your fingers onto a computer screen using an app

Skills can be learned, so it may be beneficial for you to learn tactics and techniques through classroom or online instruction, training and coaching or mentoring. You can also refine your skills if you can find and emulate best practices of artists whose works you respect and who may have influenced you.
Just jump into this with all you have to offer the world and keep trying to convey what’s in your mind onto the screen using apps.
If you expect to be taken seriously in the real world, you genuinely must be someone who was born with aesthetic, narrative, and technical talents to enable you to create 3D digital male characters.


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