Welcome to 3DMales.com. This website explores how digital art models and assets make male characters in digital images appear to be three-dimensional (height, width, and depth) while looking convincingly realistic like human men do in photos.
The person who created 3DMales.com is artist Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas, Nevada who’s been creating digital male characters since 2007. Learn more about him. His unique style of 3D digital art is on display at the free online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, Deviant Art:

male models and male characters only

Across the internet today it is very easy to find very many websites that focus upon female characters in digital art. However, this website’s name, 3DMales.com, directly tells you the focus here is entirely upon male characters and models in the creation of three-dimensional digital art.

Purpose: Entertain, Inform, Inspire

The purpose of this website is to entertain you, to inform you, and just possibly to inspire your own visual creativity. Here you will see clear demonstrations of how digital art can bring creative skill and imagination into the light of day.

The Making of Computer Generated Images (CGI) — 3D Males by Madeira Desouza

Explore how computer generated images (CGI) of 3D males become reality. This generously illustrated eBook by artist Madeira Desouza provides step-by-step instructions for how he envisions and creates his highly masculine male characters. You will uncover many secret tips only known to artists while you enjoy explicit, uncensored images of naked muscular men.

Download this eBook by clicking on the image:



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