Admitting Your Beliefs about a Man’s Body and His Looks

good-looking and well-built man

Our society keeps has perpetuating a popular myth that men always have to be masculine and that any show of his vulnerability or emotional openness may be taken as a sign of weakness. Being a man is associated with being tough, strong, and driven, with little to no regard for outward physical appearances or what … Read more

Custom Fantasy Images: 3D Male Characters

3D males character

As an artist and storyteller, I will bring your once-private thoughts and your most secret desires out into the real-world we all live in. I create on-demand explicitly illustrated, photorealistic, and totally uncensored custom fantasy images depicting male characters in 3D images (not flat as in 2D) which can satisfy your fantasies like you will … Read more

3D Artists

Learn new things and find inspiration for your own art here at 3D MALES dot com. Check out these artists who are engaged in digital storytelling which depicts masculine male characters. I am Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas and I give you a fellow artist’s point of view in my descriptions of each artist listed: … Read more