This section contains links to sites which present similar content to 3DMales (specifically, human male characters for digital storytelling) along with numerous sites that can help you discover more about the artists and their creations. If you would like to suggest a link to be added here, send email to Madeira Desouza

Salvador Dali
Frottage Heroic Homosex
Michael Kirwan
Joan Miro
Douglas Simonson

USA gay male art scene:

Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas
Etienne — Dom Orejudos
The Hun
The Art of Telemachus

World gay male art scene:

Ismael Alvarez from Spain
Bondageskin from Germany
Patrick Fillion from Canada
Hernan Gimenez from Venezuela
Cauro Hige from Japan
Josman from England
Sadao Hasegawa from Japan
Musclemax (aka Chris) from Poland
Gengoroh Tagame from Japan
Tom of Finland
Bill Ward of England

3D digital male art / 3D gay erotic art / Digital storytelling

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