Get Away with Anything in Male Fantasies

Imagine if Las Vegas were to launch ultra-secret rooms in the most expensive resort hotels allowing you to pay to act out specific male fantasies for an entire evening with a professional sex worker. On your visit to the fantasy room tonight, you are pleased to find a beefy, long-haired guy in boots with an … Read more

Digital Storytelling: Male Characters in Action

I am engaged in digital storytelling which simply means my works primarily are shared with the general public using digital distribution formats versus using printed magazine or books. One major example of my digital storytelling work is within the science fiction genre at “Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside” I also am known for creating … Read more

Unlucky Cowboy Gets Fucked

The young cowboy rode from one town to the next, never knowing what to expect. The first person he encountered when he arrived in town for the first time after many weeks of riding alone was a saloon keeper. As he stood at the bar he accepted the proprietor’s kind offer of free whiskey. This … Read more

Devil or Angel?

From Desouza of Vegas comes a new illustrated story in the supernatural theme. Devil or Angel: A Story of the Ancient Jinn — Creatures with Wings is an extremely graphic illustrated story exploring the legends from Arabic culture of the ancient jinn who torment mortal men of Earth. This is a story of men of … Read more

Male Hanging Fetish

Several years ago I designed a contemporary device for hanging men. Although this device was never constructed in the physical world, it exists forever in images. I am pleased to present a February 2021 update which further explores this device: Device for Hanging Men (2021)   This is a video I created attempting to show … Read more

Revenge Lust in the Wild, Wild West

Taboo tales told around campfires have passed down to us valuable insights into what happened between cowboys and Native Americans in the days of the westward expansion. What we think we know from having watched Hollywood movies and television shows is mainly faulty information. What really happened: During the 1800s after the United States completed … Read more