Vice City Art from Las Vegas Artist Madeira Desouza

madeira desouza vice city

Watch a 5-minute YouTube video and see images that go with the text description that you are looking at here on this page. Rethinking Masculinity As an openly gay male Las Vegas artist, Madeira Desouza consistently creates artworks which present a unique and challenging representation of masculinity. His queer art is within the bara underground … Read more

Men Hung by the Neck until Dead

sketch of man hung by the neck before he dies

There is a long and varied history throughout different cultures and civilizations that invite members of the public to witness men hung by the neck until dead. The practice of public hangings dates back to ancient times, where it was often used as a means of retribution and deterrence for crimes committed. In modern times, … Read more

Nothing but Dead and Dying Men

hung soldier

There is a worldwide appeal found in the discovery of taboo images of men who are about to die or who recently died. Why? The appeal is, itself, often denied or disregarded but there are a variety of psychological and cultural factors at work in creating this appeal. Some male viewers are drawn to the … Read more

Creating 3D Masculine Male Characters Enjoys a Wide Acceptance Today

3D masculine male character

Creating a 3D model of a male human figure for queer art using popular software requires attention to detail and careful consideration of the anatomical structure and other traits. The resulting models typically have a visibly masculine appearance with well-defined muscles and realistic proportions. The significance of these 3D masculine male characters is high because … Read more

A Man Can Feel Sexually Attracted to Another Man

A crucial trait for any artist who wants to be taken seriously is to clearly demonstrate a personal and genuine emotional awareness of what the characters he depicts in his scenes are thinking and feeling. In real life most people have at least heard of the concept of IQ or intelligence quotient which measures human … Read more

Why Images from the Male Death Fetish are Popular Worldwide

knifed in his nuts

The concept of the male death fetish is macabre as it is fascinating. It is a sexual proclivity that has existed in the shadows of cultures throughout history, and yet it is not fully understood today by society. The male death fetish is defined as a sexual attraction that males have to corpses or images … Read more

Admitting Your Beliefs about a Man’s Body and His Looks

good-looking and well-built man

Our society keeps has perpetuating a popular myth that men always have to be masculine and that any show of his vulnerability or emotional openness may be taken as a sign of weakness. Being a man is associated with being tough, strong, and driven, with little to no regard for outward physical appearances or what … Read more

Pleasure in Watching Men Kicked in the Balls by a Man

watching a guy getting kicked in the balls

Watching images of men getting kicked in their balls by another man can be appealing to some people. There are cultural implications of the appeal of these images of guys being kicked in the nuts in the context of how masculinity gets defined and redefined over time. Perhaps the most apparent reason for the appeal … Read more

Get Away with Anything in Male Fantasies

Imagine if Las Vegas were to launch ultra-secret rooms in the most expensive resort hotels allowing you to pay to act out specific male fantasies for an entire evening with a professional sex worker. On your visit to the fantasy room tonight, you are pleased to find a beefy, long-haired guy in boots with an … Read more

Custom Fantasy Images: 3D Male Characters

3D males character

As an artist and storyteller, I will bring your once-private thoughts and your most secret desires out into the real-world we all live in. I create on-demand explicitly illustrated, photorealistic, and totally uncensored custom fantasy images depicting male characters in 3D images (not flat as in 2D) which can satisfy your fantasies like you will … Read more